1.Dr.Fone Root:

Dr.fone Root is application is used to root and unroot by without break the warranty of the mobile. You can root by installing application in system and root your mobile

2.Magisk Manager:

Magisk Manager is used to root your device without system and hide the root status of the mobile and also get latest updates of the OS.


Framaroot is used to root your device by one click root with multiple operations at a time


KIngRoot is used root android devices version from 2.0 to 5 versions. It is perfectly used for all old devices which is used old android versions.


Odin is used for only the  root Samsung android devices. It not Supports the other brand mobile for the root.

6.Super su:

Super Su is a kernel based android app which is used to unlock and give the permissions to the particular app according to the user wish, by using this app we can provide read and write access for the particular app