Evasion is used to untethered the iOS devises  which supports the ios 7 version only. It can be use used mac os X for untethered your ios devices.

2.PPjailbreak :

PPjailbreak is used to untethered the apple mobile from ios version 8.0 to 8.4. It can be used only on mac OS leopard.


Taig is a semi untethered for iOS devices support versions 8.0 to 8.4.

4. Pangu:

Pangu is used to unlock iPhone version it supports to iOS 7 to iOS 9. Untethered by using the mac only.


Red snow is used to unlock devices from iOS 5 to iOS 8, we use this application in the mac and the android operating systems



Jailbreak me is used untethered your iOS device by directly by the browser by giving access to URL an get unrooted



Greenposion is an application is  similar to pangu support iOS  versions from iOS 7 to 9 and can be used both windows and mac operating systems