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What is SHSH blobs ?

SHSH Blobs is file which contains the complete information of the iPhone os version brandware and ecid   (it is unique identification code or a signature  of the every iPhone or iPad or ipod (all apple devices).

Why need do save save shsh blobs?

Apple not allowing the  downgrade the OS for jailbreak user it is difficult to upgrade and downgrade, every time you need to connect with the apple sever to upgrade  or downgrade it check its version, firmware and it processes upgrade or downgrade, So, we need to save the shsh files before the upgrade or downgrade or before jailbreak.

How many type of applications used to save shsh blobs in both mac and the windows?




Above three versions is used to save the shsh blobs to iPhone, iPad, iPod, apple tv.

How to save shsh blobs from iPhone in windows or Mac?

Step1: Need to download the tinyumbrella and install the  windows and mac.

Step2: In windows file with extension .exe and mac file with extension .dmg, just click the file in both the windows or mac , click next ,next and finish.

Step3: connect your iPhone to the pc or mac and open the tinyumbrella file and select your iPhone  select OS version  on the right side of the application.

Step 4: Select the SHSH blobs to save and select the destination where to save the shsh file.

Step 5: whenever you restore like upgrade or downgrade the OS select save shsh file in iTunes by clicking “shift” in the windows and in mac “alt” buttons to select the destination file in windows or mac