ios 15

iOS 15  Latest features and updates:

They are many update are coming in the IOS 15 some of the updates are given below

Face id:

Know face id coming with more accurate and high-definition scanning of our face, this helps while wearing the mask we can unlock iPhone. To authorized the purchases or opening a app we can use by wearing a mask .It scans eye and it surroundings to identify exact face of the particular person.


Share play:

It helps  the share the screen to your multiple friends at a time. Know we can share live screen recordings in iphone.

We can share music to friends and family at same time and enjoy with all clear quality .


Spatial audio :

If we are in group call and speaking multiple person, sometimes it voices breaks, know we won’t  get that problem with this latest technology it divides every voice and gives spaces to every voice and make hear clearly .

 In group call it highlight the speaker and with the customized rectangle shapes with fit the screen. Portrait mode is used to cover complete everything and highlight the user. Mike mode helps filter the voices of the user and make clarity of the voices.



Maps comes with latest update with 3d modulate  view  of streets and the citys and the buildings with comes with the night mode and day mode.

Live Text Extraction:

This features will helps user to extract the text form the images from any where like internet on street or wall or the shared images, we can copy the text and modify the exact the data  in the images.



Know privacy is main key concept, in IOS 15 it shows the how the data accessed by the apps and increase security of the data and protect your data from unwanted apps and the spam and gives acess user can share data who need to share.