Feauteres of android 12:

We can divided into three parts which make us easly understand feauteres of the android 12





In this they main concentrate the colors of the mobile with the integrated designs with edge finishes. Response touch is smoother and more accurate in the 12 and boundary pushing redesign with the customized edges with more attractive colors with gradient effects.

Using advanced extraction algorithm, we can modify complete colors according to our wish (settings, home screen, lock screen, title bar).

Prefix your favorite users in home screen with customized shapes.



In this we can see more targeting the privacy given complete access to user who can we share our data and also providing privacy dashboard to check which apps are using the data and we can changes deselect from there. All the settings are in seamlessly & easily to understand according to user comfort.

In this android 12 another feature location tracking we can select the location to share exact location or precise location to apps or the one who need to share the data.

We can see one more option like system protect it helps whenever connect phone to system or laptop unable to access our data without our key to our mobile. It helps secure our data.



In this we can play the games without download the complete file we can play the game and interest we can complete the full download while playing the games.

Know we make complete and clear the screenshot with larger image and without the breaking pixel of the image with 5x zoom of the screenshots.