Most Useful codes using in iphone

*#06# – IMEI information

Just type above code to display the IMEI number of the iPhone will display automatically

*#21# – Manage Call

It is a function to set calls to be activated or deactivated. For example, SMS, Fax, data, voice, call forwarding, packet access, and others.

*#*#4636#*#* – Check signal

To go quick search of the check the signal, you can press the code above to display WIFI signal information, usage statistics, battery, and some other information.

*3370# – Activates EFR Mode

To activate the  EFR or Enhanced Full Rate mode. To change the quality of  sound of your iPhone.

*3001#12345# – View Network

To get the cellular  information by this code

Secret Code Benefits

With the secret code that we know, there is the fastest shortcut without having to enter the menu on the cellphone to set or view the IMEI for example on each cellphone. Both Android and iPhone have different codes and functions