All the data was provided study purpose only

List of uses of by rooting

1.Gateway bypass

2.uses pro versions apks without the crash.

3.complete the change in android ui and the settings

How to payment bypass & how to use & what version it supports?

Step 1: chech your mobile is rooted or not.

Step 2: install TWRP after that install any of the 3 applications to by-pass your payments. They are

        Step2.1: Freedom

        Step 2.2: Lucy Patcher

        Step  2.3:Leo Play card

How to install the these applications?

Just download and open the file and give the all permissions Read- write(chmod -777),



Open the freedom ap and click on & stick the file on background and select the play store or the app you need to gateway select payment and select the Gateway via freedom card and finish your payment. Enjoy the premium services of the app or games while using this app. It supports up to latest versions.

  1. Lucy Patcher:

It had same functionalities like the freedom ap  & procedure different in this  app we need select the the particular file on in which we need to bypass payments.

3.Leo Play card:

It only uses to buy jerms or coins in games it supports all basic games which is used in the below the marshmallow version of the android.